Clement Valla is a New York based artist whose work focuses on contemporary picture-producing apparatuses, and how they transform representation and ways of seeing.
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Torus (flat tire, throw 2, throw 7 and throw 8)
Inkjet on linen mounted on dibond

Torus (flat tire, throw 2) focuses on a technological standard— perspective— to which we are so accustomed it becomes difficult to even think of it as a middleman that embodies a particular mode of seeing the world. The technology of perspective has been baked into photography and has thus become the most widespread mode of automated picture making. Torus (flat tire, throw 2) uses photographic means to produce a non-perspectival picture that borrows from maps, from architectural drawing, and from painting before perspective. To produce the image Valla synthesizes a 3D model from hundreds of photographs of a tire in his studio. Using physics simulation software, the artist throws a simulated linen cloth at the tire. Once the linen comes to rest, the tire model is imprinted onto the linen that drapes it – much like a full color digital rubbing. The unwrapped and flattened linen is then printed at a 1:1 scale.