Clement Valla is a New York based artist whose work considers how humans and computers are increasingly entangled in making, seeing and reading pictures..
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Forensic Still Life (Orange)
Inkjet on paper
2014, RISD, Providence, RI

For the Forensic Still Lives Valla produced still life arrangements of nothing, leaving only the calibration targets and measurement tools used in commercial, forensic and archaeological photography. These are typically meant as reference points to include the maximum amount of measurable information in a photograph.
These tools are the forbears of photogrammetry, a type of software meant to turn photographs into 3D models. Valla used this software to produce models of the empty still lives, turning the system onto itself.
The final works are the digital artifacts produced by the software. These fragments (never meant to be seen by humans) are how the software produces, stores and transmits the photographic data.