Clement Valla is a New York based artist whose work considers how humans and computers are increasingly entangled in making, seeing and reading pictures..
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Postcards from Google Earth Installation
inkjet on vinyl, mdf
2014, Festival des Images, Vevey, Switzerland

This installation is based on Valla’s series Postcards from Google Earth. These images, captured by a satellite camera pointing down and typically consumed on a vertical monitor, are remapped to a horizontal ground plane. Large enough to be walked on, the images emphasize the vertigo inducing anomalies Valla finds in Google Earth.
Postcards from Google Earth are images captured from the screen while traveling through the Google Earth interface. This collection of pictures emphasizes edge conditions, the result of an automated process that fuses aerial photographs and cartographic data. As the source imagery is culled from different periods and vantage points, anomalies in wrapping the 3-D projection model appear.